Update: Where have you been? (cause I never see you… blog)

Hey, hi, hello all blog viewers! I know it probably seems like I’ve majorly neglected this blog these past 2 weeks but I’ve actually been on vacation in Alberta! Literally just got home about 2 hours ago! Alberta was amazing, some of the sites looked like they were straight out of a postcard. Which actually brings me to my next point, I’ve got a TON of posts I want to make so expect frequent and consistent blogging for the next little while. Then again since I’ve been gone for a week and a half I’m already dreading all the catch-up work I’ll be doing…..le sigh.

Some new post ideas I’ve been thinking of include TravelGeek/ Out and About/ Geeks Abroad… haven’t really finalized the sub-category but it will basically be pictures from day trips or vacations or just random things I see out and about. Expect some Film Geek posts as well, I’ve watched quite a few movies in the past week (pretty sure I’ve watched more movies in the past week than I have in the last month) and I have almost a back-order of FoodGeek posts. Basically I’ve got lots of blog posts I want to do and this is just a post to confirm that I haven’t abandoned this blog, somehow I’ve already started to miss blogging when I go on these mini-hiatuses 😉