The Temptation of a Sale

Temptation. Really what is there to say about it? It’s something that will always be there – it’s human nature to crave that instant satisfaction. Whether it be the temptation to EAT that extra piece of pie, BUY that impulse splurge item or READ the latest Facebook updates instead of your textbooks; temptation exists all around us.

Many minimalist blogs seem to either act like temptation no longer exists once you decide to embrace living with less, or act like the solution is a simple one such as ‘unsubscribe from those trigger blogs, don’t go shopping, WALK AROUND WITH HORSE BLINDERS!‘ Now of course that last one is a joke but in all honesty where is this utopian place where these techniques actually work? What about the unavoidable (or unconscious) forms of advertising? The billboard ads, magazine displays, television commercials, radio commercials – advertisements have even begun to pop up on our social media feeds! Outside of cutting yourself off from all technology and moving to some remote location, we need to learn to live with the bombardment of advertisements rather than try to cut them out of our lives completely.

This is all just to say that as I type this post I am trying to resist temptation. Last week I came across a pair of glitter hi top sneakers. Now although I’ve never been a glitter fanatic, I was immediately drawn to them. I’ve always preferred gold to silver accents but these were the best of both worlds, beautiful platinum glitter side panels with a taupe suede trim. While a part of me thought they were undeniably tacky, a larger part of my mind immediately became that pressed doorbell screaming Buy! Buy! Buy! I was able to resist purchasing them during a black friday/cyber monday sale, deciding they weren’t an immediately needed purchase. But somehow found myself back on the site today to see the majority of the previously available sizes had sold out. As luck would have it my size was the only one still in stock.

Was this a sign that I was destined to have these gloriously tacky glitter sneakers? Do signs even exist for tacky impulse shoes? Either way, while I had talked myself out of purchasing them a few short days ago, here I was scrambling to punch out my payment information. Mind you, now that the black friday sale had ended the shoes were more expensive, yet somehow my mind had convinced myself that I needed these shoes. What if they run out of my size? What if they don’t get more in stock? Will I regret not purchasing these? HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT GLITTER FOOTWEAR!?

If you’re cringing at the mere thought of glitter hi tops you’ll be happy to know that I was able to resist the temptation. While my mind was busy justifying all the occasions I could wear them (holidays in hi tops , summer in hi tops, early fall in HI TOPS!!!) a quick mental reminder of all the other shoes in my possession, coupled with the memory of an entire tote full of impulse shoes I had purged no more than 2 weeks prior was enough for me to say no.

What is it about a sale that makes our impulse centres go berzerk? Is it the ‘for a limited time only’ aspect or the prospect of getting a good deal? (even when you may have resisted an even better deal a short time ago) As much as I’d like them to disappear, I don’t see my list of wants going away anytime soon- temptation will always be out there. However instead of immediately giving into that pleasure centre, take a step back, a deep breath, and try to clear your mind from beneath that dark temptation cloud.