Beignets and Samosas

Yesterday was Family Day in Ontario, Canada. What does Family Day really mean? Who knows. But any reason for another statutory holiday is alright in my books. What did my family do on this special occasion, a day of deep frying of course! Haha but really deep frying is a rare occurrence at my parents house, so this was an extra special treat.


Theres nothing like the sweet fried taste of a perfect beignet. This batch was made with cafe du monde mix straight from New Orleans. This box was gifted from a family member during their visit this past Christmas and let me say I was definitely transported to my trip 2 years back to my days lounging outside Cafe du monde serenaded by jazz music. These were pretty simple to make just mix with water and roll out to 1/4″ thick. The only tip I would have is make sure your surface is well floured as the mixture will tend to stick.

A mere hour after these delicious beignets were out of the hot oil, my mother decided to make some fresh samosas.

If the oil’s still hot, why not


Using puff pastry for that crispy, flakey crust the filling was basically made on the fly. Somehow the mixture of potatoes, onions, chilies and spices was nothing short of satisfyingly perfect. Again these were pretty simple to make, cut the puff pastry sheets into rectangular strips (ours were pre-cut as they were specialized for samosas) add approximately 1 tbsp of filling and fold.

Remember back in grade school when you would fold paper footballs in class? That is exactly how you want to fold these tasty treats. I’d recommend having a small cup of water to dip your finger into to seal the edges. Once deep fried, these are too die for. I kept sneaking back into the kitchen for another one these are just so good.