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Read: I Lick my Cheese by Oonagh O’Hagan

Another LitGeek! I both started and finished this novel today, it was so entertaining that I just HAD to do a post on it! In my opinion this isn’t really a book. I Lick my Cheese is page after page of notes left to….let’s just call them interesting roommates. I drove down to a nearby university city last night to visit some friends and found this little gem sitting on a side table (+1 for reading a physical copy of a book vs. my usual kindle version!) Needless to say for the next 3ish hours I was hooked!

The ‘chapters’ of this book are organized into the rooms where the notes were left (e.g. kitchen, bathroom) and range from the disgusting to the outright disturbing! Many of the notes are written post-it style however not everyone can be such a professional passive aggressive; there was one note scrawled on the back of a prescription!

It is hard to believe that all of these are real events! Some of the situations literally made my jaw drop. No matter my roommate situation, it has never been as bad as some of these! I will say that since the pages are filled with photocopies of the actual notes some of the handwriting is pretty difficult to read; and apparently grammar wasn’t a priority. O’Hagan has little blurbs at the end of each note which either gives more background on the situation or just an interesting anecdote. I’ll admit that most times I was too focused on the notes to read the blurb of text; but some of the truly shocking notes needed the extra detail! This isn’t really a book of substance, but it is very entertaining and would be a great summer read for an afternoon outdoors. Here are some quick snapshots of some of the more memorable notes:

and for one final gem (this one deserves the caption)