rian johnson

Film: Looper

Released on September 28th of this past year, Looper is a film that has been getting a lot of attention. Initially I wasn’t planning on watching this film, the trailer just didn’t grab me in, however after a review mentioned that those who liked Inception would like this movie, it quickly became a must see. I love movies that have depth; go in an unexpected direction and leave you questioning at the end, something I loved about Inception. However Looper left me feeling lack-luster.

Written and directed by Rian Johnson, this film stars Joseph-Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis as the young and older version of Joe. The film centers around the idea of loopers, a group of killers who work for the mob. Their victims are sent back in time, blindfolded where the hired gunman awaits. However the loopers soon learn that the Mob Boss is looking to ‘close the loops,’ meaning hiring a man to kill his older self. One looper recognizes a victim as his future self and hesitates killing him, thereby letting his older self get away, resulting in a series of events. While I must admit the concept of this film is intriguing, I really couldn’t get into the film until the last 20 or so minutes when there was a final twist. Mind you I really enjoyed those last 20 minutes.

Joseph Gordon-Lovett and Bruce Willis both did an admirable job playing Joe, however I for one had a hard time believing they were the same person. While this didn’t detract too much, since I wasn’t already engrossed by the film it was another notch against it. I have friends who loved this movie and other who are like me who found it ‘meh’ for lack of a better word. I would say if you are a hardcore action-movie buff, you’ll probably enjoy this movie; however if you’re looking for a film similar to Inception, for me this missed the mark.