Monday Questionnaire

Always fun to switch things up once in a while! This weekly poll is one of my favorite staples over at makeupandbeautyblog.com. If anyone else wants to do this poll I’d love to read some of your answers 🙂

Mood: pretty mellow but I’ve got quite a bit on my to-do list

2. Your favorite frozen treat? A tricky one but I love my ice cream in the summertime. In terms of a particular flavour, I’m definitely craving some Polar Paws

3. What energizes you?Too many to name! A workout, listening to dance tracks in the car and getting into the juicy bits in a good book are just a few

4. Last time you went to the beach?Made a weekend trip about 2ish weeks ago. Nothing better than the sea breeze and sandy toes to instantly put the mind in relaxation mode

5. What makeup or beauty products do you use to fight shine?I’ve got dry skin so shine has never really been an issue for me but you can never go wrong with some blot sheets!

6. What would you do if you had one extra hour of free time today? Go for a walk near the park or around the lake. Mind you this would only happen once the sun starts to set (hello humidity and dry heat!) but its the simple things that mean the most.

7. Have you ever bought anything after watching an infomercial?Personally no, but my parents have bought quite a few (graty, handy stitch, space bags). As a kid I used to be OBSESSED with the magic bullet commercial, seriously I used to watch that thing like it was a tv show!

8. Can you count how many times you’ve watched Dirty Dancing?Not a ridiculous amount of times probably 2 or 3. Now ask me about Clueless, The Wedding Singer or A Night at the Roxbury and its definitely a different story!

9. Heroes or villains?I love a good underdog story but there’s nothing better than a complex well written villain to move the plot along.

10. Weekly goals: Quite a bit, mostly house keeping things (getting notes together, writing some reports) but I have an aunt coming in town for a couple days so I’ll probably go on a bit of a cleaning spree in anticipation of her arrival