deborah lippmann happy birthday dupe

Nail of the Day

Wet n Wild – 2% milk

Milani Jewel FX- gems

Personally I am a HUGE glitter fan, especially when there’s multi-glitter in the mix. Here is the nail combo I came up with today, notice anything different between my right and left hand? Here’s a closer look

I love this effect! Its that almost ‘jelly sandwich’ look where the glitter looks like its within the polish instead of sitting on top. To do this look I did a couple coats of 2% milk as a base, followed by a coat of milani gems. That combination is on the hand to the left, on my other hand I added another coat of 2% milk to dull down some of the extra shine and I am completely in love with the outcome!

Now if you look at Milani gems you might be thinking hey, that looks a lot like Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday in which case you would be correct take a look at this post over at to see some great comparison shots. I’ve tried Happy Birthday and personally I prefer the Milani, first off there’s a $15 price difference but the polish itself applies more glitter with each stroke compared to the Lippmann. That means that you won’t have to build up the polish by applying coat after coat to get the same effect.

I am pleasantly surprised with Wet n Wild’s 2% milk. This was my first Wet n Wild polish and I actually got this for just over a dollar when Zellers started their big blowout sale. The formulation is perfect, its a sheer polish that didn’t left very little visible nail line! My nails are pretty short at the moment so any nail line isn’t very noticeable right now but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this polish!