Film: Monsters University

A sequel 10 years in the making. This has almost become a trend with Pixar, first with the release of Toy Story 3 and now Monsters University. While I’m sure the long awaited release dates have more to do with the difficulties of animation, this is a very smart movie in my opinion. Kids who grew up watching and loving the prequels (myself included) feel a sense of nostalgia and join the legions of young children and families in a crowded movie theater. Add to that the nostalgic themes of growing up and going to university and ‘the feels’ (as tumblr folk would say) are definitely there.

To cut to the chase I loved this movie. While in that confusing realm of a prequel- sequel, this movie did not disappoint. Unlike many other sequels, the storyline worked both as an individual and as a unit. The plot was strong enough to hold the movie on its own for those who hadn’t seen Monsters Inc. but there were enough subtle references to the original so both films were cohesive. I love films with a lot of heart, and this one is very reminiscent of the Disney movies I grew up watching as a kid. A timeless movie that isn’t littered with pop culture references to stay relevant but instead focuses on a common theme of not feeling good enough and trying  your hardest but still not quite measuring up.

The film features the same director as the previous monsters movie with John Goodman and Billy Crystal reprising their roles of James Sullivan (Sully) and Mike Wizouski. I loved the Greek community that existed within Monsters University, while both cheeky and fun it remained functional in moving the plot along. This is something that I’ve really come to admire about Pixar movies, they tend to be strong tight stories without the excessive filler adding unnecessary run time. I really don’t have much to say about the film without giving too much of the plot away. However I will say that I loved how the film emphasized working hard to reach your dreams, it seems that nowadays everyone is looking for the easy way out or the job that requires the least amount of work. Its nice to see a children’s film show characters who aren’t handed everything but instead have to work hard to measure up.

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