Month: November 2012

A Middle Eastern Lunch

Food Geek: A Middle Eastern Lunch

Went back home for the weekend which means another mini feast courtesy of moi!

Pictured is:
– kale chips
– tabouli
– falafel
– tabouli (without parsley)
– hummus, tzatziki and jalapeño
– carrots, tomato wedges and lemon

The kale chips were a tasty bit of added crunch to the meal and were a cinch to make! Just baked at 300 until they were nice and crunchy (about 10 min for this batch). I’ve always been a fan of making falafel, its so filling and has such a great flavour. Believe it or not this was my mom’s first time having falafel! Was she the biggest fan? Unknown; but then again she is kind of a picky eater. Tabouli isn’t usually something I’ll have a hankering for, but stuffed in a toasted pita with some falafel, roasted red pepper hummus and tzatziki and my stomach starts to growl!

Film: Midnight in Paris

Although I notably haven’t seen all too many Woody Allen movies, I have always enjoyed his films. Midnight in Paris is his 2011 offering and stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. Owen Wilson is really the protagonist of the film. He plays Gil, a successful Hollywood who is struggling with his first novel. He travels to Paris with his fiancé Inez (Rachel McAdams) and falls in love with the romanticism of the city. Unfortunately his fiancé seems to be more wrapped up in materialistic ventures rather than taking a moonlit stroll down the parisian streets. One night when Gil takes a midnight stroll, he finds the inspiration he’s been looking for, however it seems to be taking his further and further away from his fiancé.

The romanticism of this movie is evident. It almost seems as if Allen penned a love story to Paris. The cinematography is beautiful and the story is whimsical but has a lot of heart. I’ve found this to be an interesting role for McAdams, one where she plays someone so realistically unlikable. Caught up in the Hollywood glamour of materialism rather than experiencing a city through the little things. Although I was a bit hesitant on Owen Wilson as the lead, he proved to be worthy. As a viewer I truly believed he was experiencing Paris for the first time and was desperately attempting to soak the city in while at the same time trying to find direction for both his novel and his personal life.

While this isn’t an epic love story between a man or a women, nor is it a film that will leave your head spinning for hours trying to understand it. This is a love story between a man and a city and will leave you smiling at the end.

Dinner at The Works

I’d heard about The Works for months now, a gourmet burger and fries joint with enough options to make your head spin! Finally went last weekend for a friends birthday and let me just say I can’t wait to go back! For a list of locations click here!

Here are some pictures of my meal, along with two of my companions who were sitting on either side of me. (Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of everyone’s meal!) We all chose a burger with a different side, and let me just say everything was devoured! The birthday girl ordered a poutine (which was huge!) and I was told it was equally delicious!

Whats nice about the works is the sheer amount of options. Ordering a burger is a subsequent series of steps, beginning with your choice of burger (veggie burger, grilled portabello, gourmet ground beef, chicken breast, turkey burger and if you’re feeling adventurous there is also an Elk burger!). Next is 2 FULL COLUMNS of burger options, broken down into categories for those who want a crowd favourite, the adventure seekers who want a strange combination, burgers with a lot of sauce, a spicy burger, a carnivorous burger, some specific vegetarian options (there are numerous options throughout each category…excluding the carnivorous one of course!) and lastly a world tour category with tastes such as jamaican jerk and teriyaki.

All the drinks we were served came in measuring cups!

I’ve heard their milkshakes were all to die for! So you better believe our entire  table ordered a round! I ordered a mocha- chocolate cherry milkshake (this is the kids size) to round out my ‘Not so Thin Lizzy‘ veggie burger on a whole wheat bun.

The ‘Not so Thin Lizzy‘ burger consists of crushed chipotle peppers, smokey bbq sauce & gouda cheese. I ordered a side of Spicy Die-cut chips. Let my just say that my mouth was on fire! The burger combination was listed under the spicy column, and spicy it sure was! That in combination with the spicy chips had me reaching for my water. Nonetheless the burger was delicious, and one that I would recommend. However a different side would probably be wise. My milkshake was also quite good. The color was almost that of a strawberry milkshake and although it was very sweet I liked the bit of a coffee aftertaste. I think this particular combination (yes you can mix milkshake flavours!) would have been better with just coffee instead of a mocha.

My friend J got the meal pictured above. Her milkshake was a special called the 2001 Shake Odyssey which consisted of caramel, peanut butter and oreo cookie crumbs. While her burger choice was a ‘First Date‘ veggie burger on a whole wheat bun with fresh cut fries. The ‘First Date‘ burger consists of  wild mushrooms, diced tomatoes, fresh garlic & brie cheese. J was actually the only one of us (pictured trio) that didn’t have any leftovers! C and I both brought back our sides…which were devoured later that night.

Lastly, pictured above is C’s order. She chose a peanut butter chocolate, raspberry milkshake, and let me point out that this is a delicious combination,  with a ‘Tiger Dunlop‘ Gourmet Ground Beef burger on a whole wheat bun with Sweet Potato strings. The ‘Tiger Dunlop‘ burger consisted of tomato, fresh red pepper, cucumber, shredded carrot & curry mayo.

If you have a The Works restaurant in your vicinity, or are visiting an area with one in the near future, I would HIGHLY suggest you go. Even if you aren’t up for trying adventurous food combinations there is still a simplistic burger with lettuce and burger with cheddar option (one of our dinner companions had the former, along with a plain vanilla milkshake). My mouth is watering just thinking about the meal!

Nail of the Day

Nail of the Day

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Thinking of Blue

Earlier this year I went on the hunt for the perfect indigo shade. I had become recently obsessed with this indigo scarf that I had received as a gift some odd years ago and wanted a nail polish to match. Yes, matching a nail polish to a scarf seems quite strange but I was literally (and am still) obsessed with this shade. This seemed to be the closest I could find, with not quite enough purple this leans a bit more navy than indigo but is still a beautiful shade.

This is my first polish from the complete salon manicure line and I’m not quite sure how many more I will purchase. The formulation was good and when paired with my favourite Revlon Colorstay topcoat, I haven’t had any chipping for about a week. However the brush is flat and quite wide, not a shape that I am used to and took a bit of extra patience. While I prefer a thinner brush, if the right color came along I wouldn’t hesitate my purchase.