Nail of the Day

Nail of the Day

Joe Fresh – Wave

I picked up two Joe Fresh nail polishes while in Alberta (this is my first time dabbling in the brand) and, with the polishes at least, I’m pretty impressed! Wave is a pale robin’s egg or sky blue, a shade that I have had my eye on for a while but have never found one that was just right. Who knew I could score one on a 3 for $10 deal!

This isn’t entirely a cream polish, there is a slight shimmer however it is only noticeable in certain lighting and even then its not like this is a metallic polish or anything. Application was good, not as amazing as an essence or essie polish but not terribly streaky either. I’ve been using my Revlon Topcoat over each manicure now so it’s difficult to tell how chip resistant this polish is since the top coat works like glue.

This polish comes with 6ml as opposed to the 13.5 – 15 ml of an essie or OPI polish. But hey, considering I’ve NEVER finished a polish, I’ll gladly take the lesser volume. 2 coats gave full opacity

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