Monday Questionnaire

I was always a HUGE fan of surveys and personality quizzes growing up so I love these things. This poll was taken from one of my favorite blogs (check out the link to see her answers)

1.) Mood: anxious for all the work I have ahead of me for the next 2 weeks but relaxed since my body is just getting out of ‘vacation mode’. I also just finished marathon-ing ABC family’s Greek (you can tell my brain is still on vacation), a show with some cliches but a lot of heart. I was a bit annoyed how a lot of the law school components of the 4th season seemed very legally blonde -esque
2.) Can you say the ABC’s backwards without stumbling?: Nope, not at all! I can only get through a couple letters before hesitating
3.) What is the closest green object to you?: a striped green face towel sitting on my desk
4.) Current nail polish: Joe Fresh – Wave. A light sky/robin’s egg blue shade (and a recent purchase!) expect a nail of the day post soon!
5.) What is your favorite song at the moment? Gotye – Somebody that I used to know (listen here) yes this one gets a LOT of radio love (I swear radio stations go on a continuous rotation of about 10 songs now) and the video is…strange but I can never seem to change the station or skip over this song whenever it plays
6.) Current outfit: red and brown moose shorts I bought in Banff with a simple white tank top. Just relaxing in bed so changed into some sleep/pajama friendly clothes
7.) What coverage of foundation do you prefer most: light, medium, full, or none at all? Light. I hate the feeling of makeup on my skin and I never want to look like I’m wearing a mask.
8.) What color are the walls of your bedroom? A sunny pastel yellow. Re-painted my room last summer (used to be a soft sky blue) and love how much instant brightness the yellow brings.
9.) What is your zodiac sign?  Do you think its characteristics represent you? I’m a Libra so my sign is the scale (aka balance). I think some traits really suit me but some are completely off. I can be very indecisive when making a decision but once I’m confident in my decisions I never stray from them. I’ve heard from a lot of people that I always appear pretty calm (balanced?) even when I’m completely stressed out on the inside which can be both good and bad.
10.) Weekly goals: Organization. Organization. Organization. I have some big deadlines coming up so I really need to get back into the swing of things (quickly!) to make up for my lost vacation time.

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