Ramble Geek: Emmy 2012 Snubs

So the 2012 Emmy nominations have been released, you can see a full list of nominations here. The list may seem a bit stale with the same actors/shows being nominated over and over (and OVER) again. If you were the type of person who believed the Emmy committee nominated only the best quality shows (quality should always prevail over popularity right?) you may just think that we are going through a bit of a TV rut. *Sigh* oh how committee’s can be so wrong.

Now I am a HUGE Modern Family fan (who doesn’t love some Manny Delgato in their life) however I am pretty abashed just how much they’ve dominated the awards the past 2 years. I’m sorry but it is just a slap in the face for ANY TV show to have their entire cast nominated, especially where there are SO many deserving shows. I’m astounded that Julie Bowen has been nominated for the second time, when has she ever been funny on the show!?!? In my opinion Claire, although necessary to calm the craziness that is the extended family, has always been a stale point on the show. You don’t really look forward to Claire centered episodes but you can see what she adds to the story. Community, Parks and Recreation, The Walking Dead although not part of my must watch TV repertoire, these are shows producing great content and are truly undeserving of their lack of recognition.

Then of course there are the long time Emmy snubs. Gilmore Girls, Battle Star Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer the list goes on and on of quality shows with great writing who have never received the recognition (from the academy) that they deserve. Take a show such as House. Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard are both equally deserving of the golden hardware over the years and yet somehow came out empty handed. While many will admit that the show dwindled over the years it is still an incredible snub for the show to walk out with zero nominations after their final year. I mean how has Hugh Laurie been nominated 5 times (in a row) and 6 times total and yet he has never won the category?!?

Of course the biggest snub in my eyes has got to Fringe. I will gladly call myself part of their devoted fan base. The show has been producing quality and interesting content for 4 seasons and has yet to receive any nominations. It is disgusting that John Cryer is nominated year after year (yes he is nominated in a different category but really….has he ever been funny?) when the brilliance that is John Noble goes un-noticed.This is just another instance where awards shows are demonstrating just how irrelevant they are becoming. We’ve been hearing for quite some time now that the ratings for these awards shows are declining. Maybe instead of hiring someone ‘funnier,’ ‘edgier’ or ‘more relevant’ to be the host we should focus on recognizing the show that are putting out fantastic content and the actors and actresses who are really showing their skills. Yes this post may seem like more of a rant than a ramble but I was thoroughly surprised when I saw the nomination list.

The Emmy’s will be held Sunday September 23rd on ABC with Jimmy Kimmel serving as host.

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