Nail of the Day

Nail of the Day

Kleancolor – Pastel Orange

I have been wanting a light peach polish for a while and when I saw this one for under $2 I had to give it a buy! I typically leave my polish on for about a week until before I change and I’ve only had this on since Sunday so I can’t comment on the wearability just yet.

This polish is a struggle to say the least. It is my first and will likely be my last Kleancolor polish which is unfortunate because I do really like the color. The formula was thick and took FOREVER to dry, this was the second time I had tried to wear this polish (thankfully this time was a success), the first time it just never tried! I literally painted my nails hours ago and they never completely felt hard to the touch. Another note is that this polish smells HORRIBLE. Now I don’t know anyone who particularly likes the smell of nail polish but this bottle literally smelled like paint. I was painting my nails in my bedroom with both my door and window wide open, however halfway through my manicure I had to go to another room because of the fumes.

After some thinking I decided this needed a quick dry top coat to be somewhat usable (mind you I don’t use a top coat so this required me to purchase one – stay tuned for a review on that in the near future!). I used the new Revlon Colorstay topcoat which seemed to do well but just to be sure I did the ‘dip nails in cold water’ trick. So far so good!

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